I joined C.H. Robinson in 2001 and began learning the ropes. Through CHR’s extensive sales training program, I found myself excelling at brokerage sales, eventually managing CHR’s largest account at that time. Everything I touched seemed to turn to gold, and life was pretty good, but that was only the beginning of my journey.

I GOT THIS…or so I thought.

And then, like most sales guys at large freight brokerages, I convinced myself I could do this better on my own. So I started my first brokerage in 2006 and built it up to $15M in revenue, but I couldn’t get past that point and I ended up losing that business because I didn’t have the skills and tools to diversify the business. I also wasn’t as financially literate as I needed to be, and I created a bottleneck to sustainable growth.

Tyson's dog Piper Louise

My business partner, Piper Louise.

Lessons learned. Blessings earned.

After spending time with industry experts, I started my second brokerage in 2015. This time, I implemented the lessons I had learned, not only from my failed experiences but primarily from the business coaches I invited into my journey, and I scaled that business to $25M before GlobalTranz made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.

I wasn’t planning on selling my company, but it was an incredible feeling of accomplishment to have a recognizable brand in the industry value the business I had created. That validation was a huge jolt of confidence in not only my ability to lead, but also to train others to build something great together.


Years of experience in transportation

My Mission

My dream is helping you build yours

After successfully exiting, I joined Worldwide Express to do what I really love, which is coach and train freight brokers. I spent two years working with WWX agents to help them scale their business, and I realized this was my calling. That’s when I started Diablo Freight with a mission to help freight brokers and, specifically business owners, push beyond their current limits to create the business of their dreams.

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Why my clients enjoy working with me

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